Slew Drives

Slew Drive Catalog 15MB pdf

Slew Drive Manual 1MB pdf

Slew drives are an all-in-one unit comprised of geared slew ring, drive gear, housing, and motor (electric or hydraulic). Designed for axial, radial, and moment loading.

Socare Slew Drives are powered with hour glass (Double Enveloping) worm technology for increased load handling, efficiency and accuracy.

Socare manufactures a wide variety of drive styles, model sizes, performance ranges, sealing options, and mounting characteristics.

Standard model sizes from 75mm to 800mm in diameter.

Performance load characteristics range from:
– 6kNm to 220kNm holding torque
– 200Nm to 63kNm output torque
– 500Nm to 271kNm overturning moment load capacity

Gear reduction ratio 30:1 to 156,600:1
Horizontal, vertical, or combination of multiple axis mounting
Single or Dual drive
Electric or Hydraulic motor option
Housing: Open or Closed
Customized input configurations
Custom designs per application requirements


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